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"The supersymmetric Ward identities in lattice perturbation theory"

Relatore: Dr.ssa Alessandra Feo- Universita' di Parma

Aula Einstein
27 Marzo 2003 ore 16.30

The one-loop corrections to the lattice supersymmetric (SUSY) Ward-Takahashi identities (WTIs) are investigated in the off-shell mass regime. In the Wilson formulation of the N=1 SUSY Yang-Mills (SYM) theory supersymmetry is broken by the lattice, by the Wilson term and is softly broken by the presence of the gluino mass. However, the renormalization of the supercurrent can be realized in a scheme that restores the continuum off-shell SUSY WTIs. I review some numerical results concerning the spectrum mass, the pattern of chiral symmetry breaking and WTIs for the SYM theory and compare with theoretical predictions.