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"Chiral Self-Assembly in Lipid Tubules"

Relatore: Joel M. Schnur- Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375

Aula Newton
05 Maggio 2003 ore 15.00

Many types of amphiphilic molecules self-assemble in solution to form cylindrical tubules and helical ribbons. Some examples include diacetylenic lipids, amide amphiphiles, bile, and diblock copolymers. Nano Imaging: We have demonstrated a new approach for imaging nano scale patterns on three-dimensional sub micrometer structures using charged particles. Nano particle structures were assembled onto lipid tubules through the sequential adsorption of oppositely charged polymers and silica spheres. These results give new insight into the pattern of charge in lipid tubules. Lipid Nanotubes: Nano scale structures have been found to self-assemble in a binary mixture of a long-chain, diacetylenic phospholipid and a short chain, saturated lipid. Circular dichroism results suggest that chiral packing of the lipids drives formation of these aggregates. The ease of formation, stability, and robust behavior of these lipid cylinders suggest that they have potential use in applications requiring high aspect ratio nano materials.