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"On the Remarkable Spectrum of a non Hermitian Random Matrix Model"

Relatore: Prof. Antony Zee- Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)

Aula Fermi
19 Ottobre 2004 ore 15.30

A non-Hermitean random matrix model proposed a few years ago has a remarkably intricate spectrum. Various attempts have been made to understand the spectrum, but even its dimension is not known. Using the Dyson-Schmidt equation, we show that the spectrum consists of a non-denumerable set of lines in the complex plane. Each line is the support of the spectrum of a periodic Hamiltonian, obtained by the infinite repetition of any finite sequence of the disorder variables. Our approach is based on the ``theory of words.'' We make a complete study of all 4-letter words. The spectrum is complicated because our matrix contains everything that will ever be written in the history of the universe, including this particular paper.