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"Hot and dense QCD: lattice results confront analytic calculation"

Relatore: Dr.ssa Maria Paola Lombardo- INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati

Aula Einstein
08 Febbraio 2005 ore 15.30

We review the imaginary chemical potential approach to QCD thermodynamics, and discuss lattice results on four flavor QCD at nonzero temperature and baryon density. We exploit analytic continuation either from imaginary to real chemical potential, and from real to imaginary chemical potential. The result compare well with the hadron resonance gas model up to T of order 0.95*T_c, and approach a free field behaviour with a reduced effective number of flavor for T greater than 1.5*T_c$; chiral symmetry and confinement are interrelated, and we note analogies between the critical line of QCD and that of random matrix models, and models with a four fermion interaction with the same global symmetries.