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"Light mesons and muon radiative decays and photon polarization asymmetry"

Relatore: Emidio Gabrielli- University of Helsinki

Sala Feynman
17 Ottobre 2005 ore 15.30

I will review the main results on the light mesons and muon radiative decays, considering both final lepton and photon polarizations. The undergoing dynamics giving rise to lepton and photon polarization will be examined in the soft and hard region of momenta. A particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of the photon polarization asymmetry. Finiteness of polarized amplitudes against infrared and collinear singularities will be shown to take place with mechanisms distinguishing between right-handed and left-handed final leptons. Finally, a possible test using photon polarization will be proposed in order to clarify a recently observed discrepancy in radiative pion decay.