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"Large N gauge theories from superstrings"

Relatore: Prof. Jorge Russo- University of Barcelona (Spain)

Sala Feynman
19 Settembre 2006 ore 15.30

We review some basic aspects on the duality between gauge theories and superstring theory on anti de Sitter spaces. An important problem is understanding the correspondence between the spectrum of operators in the planar Yang-Mills theory and the quantum string spectrum of free superstring on anti de Sitter space. In recent years, the study of this correspondence led to the discovery of integrable structures on both sides of the duality. On the Yang-Mills side, one has a description of the spectrum in terms of integrable spin chain systems, with elementary excitations that propagate along the chain: the magnons. On the string side, one has a description in terms of classical strings with large angular momentum. Finally, we comment on applications of AdS/CFT to non-supersymmetric QCD.