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"Remotely Controlled Laboratories (RCL) - Experimenting from a Distance."

Relatore: Prof. Hans Jodl
Note: Verranno mostrati via Internet esperimenti di fisica controllati a distanza.

Aula Newton
09 Ottobre 2006 ore 17.00

Hans Jodl professore di fisica all'Universit di Kaiserslautern. Fields of research: n exp. Physics - High resolution optical spectroscopy (Raman, IR) - Ultrahigh pressures, low temperatures, crystal growth - Lattice dynamics, anharmonicity of phonons - Molecular crystals - Order/disorder phenomena in didactics - Training and further education of teachers - Questions of physics lessons - Students laboratories - Multimedia (+ computer) -integration Publications: in exp. physics ~ 120 articles (journals) ~ 40 conferences (~ 10 invited) (talks) ~ 6 book contribution in didactics ~ 200 articles (journals) ~ 10 books and book contributions