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"A rare earth based molecular 1D magnet: synthesis and characterization"

Relatore: Dr. Edoardo Pasca- Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden Universiteit
Note: Seminario di Magnetismo

Aula Newton
15 Giugno 2007 ore 15.00

In molecular magnetism chemists and physicists collaborate very closely with the common goal of designing, synthesizing, and characterising the magnetic properties of molecular based materials. Main technological goal will be to employ molecular magnets in our ordinary life, for instance in the production of mass memories (very close packed), in the creation of photo-magnetic materials, in the field of refrigeration (gas free). We present here the synthesis and characterization of a molecular chain magnet based on a rare earth (Lanthanide) and a transition metal (Mo or W) bridged by organic ligands. A complete thermodynamical study revealed that the compound behaves like a ferromagnetic Ising chain with 2 spins 1/2 per unit cell. A brief outlook on the techniques, comprehending specific heat, magnetization and susceptibility as function of temperature and field, will be given. A full understanding of this compound is the first step in the following study of the whole family of compounds that can be synthetised and that can lead to the understanding of magnetic interactions, like the d-f superexchange, as well as the synthetic "art".