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"Molecular Self-Assembly as a nanofabrication tool"

Relatore: prof. Enrico Dal Canale- Dipartimento di Chimica Organica e Industriale – Università di Parma
Note: il seminario sarà in italiano

aula Fermi
12 Luglio 2007 ore 16.00

Self-assembly has its roots in biology and in supramolecular chemistry. Biology has been and still is the major source of inspiration for designing functional self-assembled systems. Supramolecular chemistry has given to the field the basic rules for manipulating noncovalent interactions at the molecular level. Self-assembly is rapidly emerging as the most promising tool for nanofabrication technology, being one of the few practical ways for making large ensembles of molecules. This tutorial will cover the subject by defining the term self-assembly in each context and by discussing selected examples taken from different fields like crystal engineering, liquid crystals, supramolecular polymers, molecular electronics, self-replicating systems, nanoporous materials. The underlying theme of the tutorial will be self-assembly as a tool to handle complexity in chemical synthesis.