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"Simulating Binary Neutron Stars Mergers with Whisky"

Relatore: Bruno Giacomazzo

Sala Feynman
28 Novembre 2007 ore 15.30

Binary neutron stars mergers are not only important sources of gravitational waves, but they are also thought to be at the origin of very important astrophysical phenomena, such as short gamma-ray bursts. In order to describe the dynamics of these events one needs to solve the full set of general relativistic hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD) equations through the use of parallel numerical codes. After an overview on the status of numerical relativity at AEI, I will present the new Whisky(MHD) code developed to solve the equations of GRMHD on dynamical spacetimes in three spatial dimensions and with adaptive mesh refinement techniques. I will then report on some recent achievements obtained using this code in simulating binary neutron stars mergers with and without magnetic fields.