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"MIR : an experiment for the measurement of the Dynamic Casimir Effect"

Relatore: Dr Giovanni Carugno- INFN – Sezione di Padova

Sala Feynman
04 Dicembre 2007 ore 15.30

The experiment MIR (Motion Induced Radiation) has been devised to measure the dynamical Casimir  effect, i.e. the radiation produced by a rapidly moving reflecting boundary due to its interaction with the electromagnetic vacuum. The apparatus will be based on a resonant superconducting microwave cavity (resonant frequency about 2.5 GHz) with one of the wall performing an effective motion at twice the cavity resonant frequency. The effective motion is realized by changing the reflectivity of a semiconductor wafer by illumination with a laser source amplitude modulated at microwave frequency. In the talk the experimental set-up will be presented, together with the results of the tests performed during the assembly of the apparatus.