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"Clock synchronization in special and general relativity: from ACES to the York map and beyond."

Relatore: Dr Luca Lusanna- INFN Firenze

Sala Feynman
18 Dicembre 2007 ore 15.30

After a review of the chrono-geometrical structure of special and general relativity, it is shown that the problem of clock synchronization lies at the earth of the following problems: a) quantum field theory in non-inertial frames (Torre-Varadarajan no-go theorem); b) relativistic atomic and bound-state physics and relativistic entanglement; c) ACES mission of ESA to put high precision laser-cooled atomic clocks on the space station to test Earth's gravitational redshift to order 1/c^3 and to arrive to define relativistic geodesy beyond GPS; d) the possible role of the gauge variable connected with the definition of the istantaneous 3-space (the York time in the York canonical basis) in the attempts to explain dark matter (Cooperstock) and dark energy (Buchert, Ellis) only in terms of Einstein's general relativity.