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"Towards the gravitational dual of large N (S)QCD"

Relatore: Dott. Stefano Cremonesi- SISSA Trieste and INFN Trieste
Note: Seminario teorico

Aula Feynman
05 Febbraio 2008 ore 15.30

Abstract: In 1973, 't Hooft's large N expansion of gauge theories hinted at a possible dual description of such theories as string theories. Maldacena's conjecture of AdS/CFT duality is the first explicit and quantitative realization of that proposal. In this introductory talk, after introducing large N expansions, I will review the basic ideas of the AdS/CFT correspondence and then describe some deformations that have been put forward to promote the duality to phenomenologically more interesting field theories. The focus will be on holographic duals of minimally supersymmetric gauge theories, such as N=1 pure SYM and SQCD.