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"Relativistic shocks and simple waves"

Relatore: Prof. John Miller- SISSA/Trieste & Oxford

Sala Feyman
23 Febbraio 2009 ore 16.30

In a series of papers published more than thirty years ago, Edison Liang and co-workers revisited earlier work on relativistic shocks and simple waves, setting out the theoretical background in a very transparent way and making some fascinating applications to early-universe cosmology. In particular, they suggested the startling result that, in the ultra-relativistic regime, the damping rate for strong shocks propagating into a uniform medium should decrease with increasing shock strength (the reverse of the normal behaviour), tending to zero in the ultra-relativistic limit. This prompted a programme of work which I carried out over several years in collaboration with Marcello Anile, Santo Motta and Antonio Lanza, to investigate the properties of simple waves and shocks under these extreme conditions, using both analytical and numerical techniques. In my talk, I will give a presentation of this work and some more recent developments of it.