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"Modelling compact objects dynamics in GR. The d o o k i e code: methods and preliminary results"

Relatore: Dr. Sebastiano Bernuzzi- TPI-FSU Jena (Germania)

Sala Feynman
23 Luglio 2009 ore 15.30

In the first part of the talk I review the basic equations describing the dynamics of compact objects (i.e. black holes and neutron stars) and their spacetime in the framework of Einstein's General Relativity theory as well as the state-of-art numerical methods used to approach the problem in Numerical Relativity. In the second part some ongoing numerical experiments obtained with a new code are discussed. In particular I show preliminary results concerning two different issues. One is the accurate evolution of black holes initial data with different formulations of Einstein field equations taking care of the constraint violation. The other is the use of high-order conservative central schemes for the evolution of the relativistic fluid describing the neutron star matter. Future applications of these methods concern the numerical solution of the binary system neutron star - black hole and the extraction of the gravitational wave radiation.