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"Quantum Interactions Between Non-Perturbative Vacuum Fields"

Relatore: Dr Raffaele Millo- UniversitÓ di Trento

Sala Feynman
20 Aprile 2010 ore 15.00

We present a novel approach to investigate the non-perturbative dynamics of Quantum Field Theories, in which specifc vacuum field fluctuations (e.g., in QCD, instantons or vortices or monopoles, ...) are treated as the low-energy dynamical degrees of freedom, while all other field confgurations are explicitly integrated out from the path integral. Our aim is to compute the effective interaction for the low-energy degrees of freedom both perturbatively (using stochastic perturbation theory) and fully non-perturbatively (using lattice field theory simulations). The present approach holds to all orders in the couplings and does not rely on the semi-classical approximation. In this talk we first discuss a simple toy model which allows us to illustrate the formalism and test the results against ab-initio simulations. Then, we report on our recent progress towards the generalization to non-abelian gauge theories.