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"Boundary induced quantum fluctuation effects: From moving mirror to electron coherence"

Relatore: Da Shin Lee - National Dong Hwa University, Hualie- Direttore del Dipartimento di Fisica della NDHU
Note: Ongoing research lines at NDHU will also be illustrated

Aula Newton
21 Luglio 2010 ore 16.00

Two distinct, but related issues in quantum fluctuation effects induced by the boundary are discussed. We first consider a perfectly reflecting mirror moving in a quantum scalar field. The stochastic behavior of the mirror with the backreaction from the field can be described by the semiclassical Langevin equation derived from the coarse-grained effective action with the method of influence functional. Then the potentially observable backreaction effects are discussed. We next exam the influence of electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations in the presence of the conducting plate on electron coherence with an interference experiment. The evolution of the reduced density matrix of the electron is obtained by integrating out electromagnetic fields. We find that the plate boundary anisotropically modifies vacuum fluctuations that in turn affect the electron coherence. Ref Chun-Hsien Wu and Da-Shin Lee, Phys.Rev.D71:125005. Jen-Tsung Hsiang and Da-Shin Lee Phys.Rev.D73:065022