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"Condensed Matter Research with Neutrons at the Paul Scherrer Institute"

Relatore: Jürg Schefer- Head Neutron Diffraction Group Laboratory for Neutron Scattering, Paul Scherrer Institute

Aula Newton
29 Novembre 2010 ore 16.00

The Paul Scherrer Institute at Villigen, Switzerland, is operating large research facilities in behalf of the Swiss universities. Our main installations are the proton cyclotron with the Swiss spallation source SINQ and the muon-facilities as well as the 3rd generation synchrotron light source SLS. We just started the project of a compact free electron laser - SwissFEL. In this presentation we will discuss the instrumentation and the research at the continuous spallation neutron source SINQ. The 590 MeV/50MHz proton cyclotron is presently running at 2.2mA (whereof 1.5mA reach the lead target of SINQ). It has an upgrade potential up to 3.5mA. For the scientific user, the spallation source SINQ - added in 1996 – operates like a reactor, as a consequence of the high proton frequency. The thermal moderator of SINQ (D2O/H2O) delivers neutrons through eight beam ports to five instruments. Additionally, the source is equipped with a 20 liter D2-moderator (25K) feeding a state-of-the art supermirror guide system and two beam ports with presently 10 instruments on-line. The neutron source offers a wide range of possibilities for neutron scattering such as powder diffraction, single crystal investigations, spectroscopy, small angle scattering, stress measurements as well as tomography and gamma-irradiation. Even SINQ is a national source, the instrumentation is accessible through a scientific proposal system for open research (http://sinq.web.psi.ch). We will discuss results archieved on our instruments in the fields of multiferroics, optical active materials and new approaches in single molecule scattering using low resolution powder diffraction, just to give a few examples. Recent publications of our laboratory are referenced at http://lns.web.psi.ch/lns/publications/publications.html. We would like to encourage you to submit proposals for our source: The next deadline is Nov. 15, 2010.