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"Tuning electronic properties of graphene by confinement and disorder"

Relatore: Oleg V. Yazyev- Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, and Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California

Aula Newton
12 Aprile 2011 ore 16.00

Graphene is a novel allotrope of carbon and the first truly two-dimensional material ever made. Since its first isolation in 2004 graphene has revealed a large number of extraordinary physical properties with potential technological applications. Among these properties are exceptionally high charge carrier mobility, unusual quantum Hall effect, and high optical transparency. In my talk, I will present a theoristís prospective on how the electronic properties of graphene can be tuned by means of confinement and disorder. In particular, the electronic structure and magnetic properties of graphene quantum dots and nanoribbons will be considered. I will then cover our recent advances towards understanding the properties of polycrystalline graphene which is currently obtained in wafer-scale quantities paying particular attention to the electronic transport.