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"Gravitational microlensing as a way to probe dark matter"

Relatore: Prof. Philippe Jetzer- Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich
Note: Seminario di Dipartimento

Aula Newton
07 Novembre 2011 ore 16.00

I will present the basics of gravitational microlensing and then discuss its applications to find dark matter in the halo of our Galaxy as well as in the halo of the M31 galaxy. Present results indicate that the halo is made at most up to 20\% by compact objects which can act as lenses. Several thousands of microlensing events have been observed towards the galactic center. Thanks to these observations one can get information on the galactic structure as well as on the stellar initial mass function, especially for low mass stars. Gravitational microlensing is also a powerful tool to detect planets in our Galaxy and in M31 as well.