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"Neutrinos: Towards Terra Incognita"

Relatore: Eligio Lisi - INFN - Bari
Note: L'evento sarÓ trasmesso in contemporanea in videoconferenza in Aula Galilei

Aula Newton
16 Novembre 2011 ore 16.30

Neutrino physics has witnessed extraordinary progress in recent years, and is revealing an interesting pattern of neutrino masses and mixings, which might be linked to new physics at very high energy scales. A worldwide research program is being carried out to address many open theoretical and experimental questions in the field. Within this program, the recent neutrino velocity measurement in the CNGS-OPERA experiment represents a truly unexpected result, which is attracting worldwide interest for its potential implications. The theoretical interpretation of these results, in connection with SN 1987A and other constraints, poses formidable challenges, which will be selectively presented and discussed. Finally, possible future directions in neutrino physics research will be briefly highlighted.