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"Functional magnetic oxides prepared by PLD"

Relatore: Prof. Pedro Algarabel- ICMA-CSIC & Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

02 Aprile 2012 ore 11.00

Abstract In the seminar an overview of the different materials prepared during the last years using the pulsed laser deposition facility existing at the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon will be presented. The quality of the thin films has been studied by X-ray diffraction and ultra high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The prepared materials have special interest in spintronics although the preparation of new materials with possible multiferroic behaviour has been started. A short description of the main physical properties will be done. Prof. Pedro Algarabel studied his physics degree at the University of Zaragoza and did his PhD at the same University under the supervision of Prof. A. del Moral. He has worked in rare earth intermetallics with applications as permanent magnets ( RECo5, REFe14B, Fe2Fe17..) or for magnetocaloric devices (RE5(SiGe)4). He also studied manganese oxides with colossal magnetoresistance. Now his area of interest are the study of thin films of different magnetic oxides and metals prepared by PLD. Prof. P. Algarabel has published around 190 articles in different international journals