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"Mean-field and Monte Carlo studies of five-dimensional gauge theories on the lattice"

Relatore: Prof. Francesco Knechtli- UniversitÓ di Wuppertal

Sala Feynman
08 Maggio 2012 ore 16.30

Five-dimensional gauge theories play a role in extensions of the Standard Model, where (some of) the fifth dimensional components of the gauge field are identified with a Higgs field. Due to the non-renormalizability, a finite ultra-violet cut-off has to be introduced. The formulation on a Euclidean lattice is a natural choice which preserves the gauge symmetry. Away from the perturbative regime, these theories can be studied by means of a mean-field approximation and by Monte Carlo simulations. We will present and compare results from these methods for SU(2) gauge theories with periodic and orbifold boundary conditions.