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"The gradient flow coupling in numerical stochastic perturbation theory "

Relatore: Dott. Dirk Hesse- DiFeST - Universitą di Parma e Gr. Collegato INFN di Parma

Sala Feynman
12 Giugno 2013 ore 16.30

Recently, the gradient flow has attracted a considerable amount of attention in the lattice QCD community. The hope is that this technique will enable us to determine a host of important observables with unprecedented precision. The running coupling is an important example, the knowledge of which with a high accuracy is most desirable since its error enters in many other quantities. Its perturbative expansion is an important ingredient for a precise determination. However, the diagrammatic approach is particularly cumbersome when employing the gradient flow, which makes numerical stochastic perturbation theory a promising candidate for a method to perform the required calculations. We will report on the status of an ongoing effort to compute the gradient flow coupling in NSPT.