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"A strongly coupled anisotropic plasma"

Relatore: Dott. Diego Trancanelli- Istituto di Fisica - Università di San Paolo – (Brasile)
Note: Il seminario è abbastanza introduttivo e dovrebbe essere comprensibile anche per chi non lavora su AdS/CFT

Sala Feynman
27 Giugno 2013 ore 12.00

In this talk I will apply the gauge/gravity duality (which will be briefly reviewed) to the study of a strongly coupled, spatially anisotropic N=4super Yang-Mills plasma. To this end, I will present a type IIB supergravity solution dual to the plasma and discuss its thermodynamics. The phase diagram exhibits regions with instabilities reminiscent of those of weakly coupled plasmas. I will comment on similarities with QCD at finite baryon density and will also discuss how the anisotropy affects various observables, such as energy loss, screening length, and photon production.