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"Resonant tunneling of ultracold atoms"

Relatore: Dott. Sandro Wimberger- Institut für Theoretische Physik Heidelberg University

Aula Gallei
19 Dicembre 2013 ore 15.30

Modern atom-optical experiments allow for an unprecedented control of microscopic degrees of freedom, not just in the initialization but also in the evolution of quantum states. This talk focuses on the dynamics of ultracold bosons in optical lattices. Results are reported on the interband transport in tilted (or accelerated) lattices, i.e. a cold-atoms realization of the famous Wannier-Stark problem. Single-particle and mean-field experimental investigations on resonantly enhanced tunneling motivate our many-body two-band Bose-Hubbard model. This model shows a transition from quasi-regular to nonintegrable motion, which we characterize by a spectral analysis. The spectral properties control the evolution of specifically prepared initial states when sweeping the Stark (tilting) force. Using such sweeps, we are currently studying the thermalization in Hilbert space and the evolution of the quantum correlations between the energy bands.