Parma Workshop on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves 2011


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Name Affiliation Talk
Eloisa Bentivegna AEI Golm Verifying numerical relativity codes: application-level correctness and runtime tools
Niccolò Bucciantini INAF Firenze Strong magnetic fields in neutron stars: GRBs and other high energy phenomena
Pablo Cerdá-Durán MPI Munich Gravitational waves in the Fully Constrained Formulation
Riccardo Ciolfi AEI Golm Instability of Purely Poloidal Magnetic Fields in Neutron Stars
Luca Del Zanna Firenze U. The ECHO code: from classical MHD to GRMHD in dynamical spacetimes
Kyriaki Dionysopoulou AEI Golm General Relativistic Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics with Whisky
Sam Dolan Southampton U. Self-force calculations for black hole inspirals
Stefano Foffa Geneve U. The energy of a binary system at 3PN and beyond
Bruno Giacomazzo UMD/Goddard Magnetized Binary Neutron Star Mergers
Leonardo Gualtieri Roma U. Tidal interaction in compact binaries: a post-Newtonian affine framework
Gianluca Maria Guidi Urbino U. The NINJA project
Steven Hergt TPI Jena Canonical Treatment of Noncanonical pN Potentials for Spinning Compact Binaries
David Hilditch TPI Jena Numerical Stability of a conformal decomposition of Z4
Ian Hinder AEI Golm Falloff of the Weyl scalars in NR binary black hole spacetimes
Andrea Mignone Torino U. Harten-Lax-van Leer Riemann Solvers for Relativistic MHD
Alessandro Nagar IHES Paris The effective one body description of tidal effects in compact binaries and its comparison with numerical relativity simulations
Andrea Nerozzi CENTRA/IST Lisbon A new approach to the Newman-Penrose formalism
David Radice AEI Golm Discontinuous-Galerkin methods for general-relativistic hydrodynamics
Luciano Rezzolla AEI Golm Jets from merging binaries of compact objects
Ulrich Sperhake Caltech/CSIC/Mississippi Spin alignment and superkick suppression in black-hole binary inspiral
Jan Steinhoff CENTRA/IST Lisbon The PN Approximation Beyond Point-Masses
Riccardo Sturani Urbino U./INFN Firenze Complete phenomenological waveforms from spinning coalescing binaries
Kentaro Takami AEI Golm A quasi-radial stability criterion for rotating relativistic stars
Loic Villain Tours U. Properties of stationary differentially rotating relativistic cold stars
Andreas Weyhausen TPI Jena Constraint damping for the Z4 formulation of general relativity
Olindo Zanotti Trento U. General relativistic radiation hydrodynamics of accretion flows
Burkhard Zink Tübingen U. GPU Computing and Magnetar Instabilities

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