Ricercatore Universitario
Dipartimento di Fisica e S.T.
Universita' di Parma
INFN Parma
Parco Area delle Scienze 7/A
43100 Parma - Italy
Tel +39.0521.906214
Fax +39.0521.905223

Teaching Activity
    Present and past teaching activities are described HERE
Research Interests
    I am actually involved in two projects in scientific computation:
    • SUMA which is a research project at the crossroad of computational sciences and Computer Architecture. The main issues are: design, development and operation of application-driven high-performance computer system and algorithm development in compute-based scientific areas.
    • IGI focuses on setting up and operating a common e-Infrastructure base on Grid technologies for the Italian Sciences. I'm interested in the integration of parallel programming. See details HERE
University Internships (Tirocini)
    University Internships (Tirocini) available for students in Physics and Computer Science are detailed HERE