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Dr. Alessandra Feo
Ricercatore Universitario
e-mail: alessandra.feo (at)
phone: +39 0521 905280
fax: +39 0521 905223

I am a theoretical physicist of the fundamental interactions working on lattice QCD and lattice SUSY and, more recently, on Gravitational Physics (numerical simulations of the mergers of Binary Neutron Stars and Equation of State effects on the Gravitational Wave (GW) signal). I'm also interested on High Performance Computing (HPC).
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Qualifications and Previous Academic Positions

Jan 2014: Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN-tornata 2012)
as Associate Professor (02/A2)

Mar 2005 - May 2005: Scientific Associate
CERN, Theoretical Physics Unit (TH)
Switzerland, Geneve

Jan 2005 - Feb 2005: KITP Affiliate
University of California, Santa Barbara, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
United States, Santa Barbara

Nov 2001 - Oct 2003: Research Fellow
Trinity College Dublin, School of Mathematics
Ireland, Dublin

Nov 1998 - Oct 2001: Research Assistant (BAT IIa)
University of Muenster, Institute of Theoretical Physics
Germany, Muenster

Jun 1996 - Feb 1997: Research Assistant
University of Cyprus, Department of Physics
Cyprus, Nicosia

Mar 1995 - Apr 1996: Research fellowship (from Italian CNR)
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (Pisa)
Laurea in Fisica (Pisa)
Corso di Perfezionamento in Fisica (Pisa)
Licenciatura en Fisica (UCV)

Introduction to Lattice Gauge Theories for the "Laurea Specialistica" in Theoretical Physics
Academic years: 2004-05(40 hours), 2005-06(40 hours), 2006-07(40 hours), 2007-08(40 hours), 2008-09(40 hours)
Selected Talks
Invited Talk at "Strangeness, Gravitational waves and neutron stars" (2016) Workshop at INFN-LNF (Frascati)
"The Physics of Binary Neutron Star merger from general relativistic numerical simulations."

Invited Talk at PAFT2012 Conference, Vietri sul Mare (SA)
"Thermal properties of strongly coupled gauge theories in the large N-limit"

Talk at Lattice 2007, Regensburg Germany
"A model for QCD in the high density and large quark mass limit"

Invited Key speaker at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University, Japan
"The Ward-Takahashi identity in Supersymmetric lattice models"

Invited Key speaker at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University, Japan
"Dynamical supersymmetry breaking and Phase diagram of the Lattice Wess-Zumino model"

Talk at CERN TH Division, April 2005
"Four dimensional Wess-Zumino model with exact supersymmetry on the lattice"

Talk at LEILAT04, Leipzig, June 2004
"Lattice supersymmetry and supersymmetry breaking: The Wess-Zumino model

Plenary talk at LC03, Durham, UK
"Supersymmetry on the lattice: Where do predictions and results stand?"

Plenary talk at Lattice 2002, MIT USA
"Review on lattice supersymmetry"