"Interplay between charge, magnetic and orbital degrees of freedom in manganites"

Relatore: G. Jackeli 
ILL , Grenoble, France

Dip. di Fisica - Aula Newton
6 Febbraio 2002 - Ore 16.30


The aim of the talk is to give a brief introductory 
overview on manganese oxides.
Starting  from the  parent undoped 
compound LaMnO_{3} the complexity of the physics that
arises due to the existence of a number of relevant
 degree's of freedom(charge/magnetic/orbital/lattice)
 in these systems will be discussed together with the 
key experiments that serves as guide for theoretical
 understanding of these materials.
The discussion of half-doped systems exhibiting 
verity of charge, magnetically and orbitally ordered
 states will be presented and comparison the experimental
 phases diagram with that predicted from analyses of
 microscopic models will be given.
Considering as an example bilayer compounds, the role
 played by orbital degrees of freedom in the metallic
 state of these compounds will be discussed as well.