"Optimal detection of burst event in gravitational wave interferometers"

Relatore: Dr Andrea Vicerč
Universitą di Urbino e INFN Pisa

Sala Feynman
26 Febbraio 2002 - Ore 16.30


We discuss the detection of burst events in wide band GW 
detectors, like the LIGO or Virgo instruments.
These events are anticipated as resulting from the collapse 
of the core in massive stars, but the resulting waveforms
suffer from large theoretical uncertainties.
We propose an analysis method which is proven to be optimal
under the two assumptions of gaussian noise and unknown 
waveform, and we discuss its statistic properties.
The method can be extended to the network case, that is it 
allows to combine coherently the information from several
The sensitivity of Virgo, LIGO and networks of several 
detectors are estimated and the prospect for the detection 
of galactic events are discussed.