"Finite temperature phase transition in SO(3) lattice gauge theory: topology, spontaneous symmetry breaking and universality."

Relatore: Dr Giuseppe Burgio
School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublino.

Aula Einstein
5 Marzo 2002 - Ore 15.30


We investigate the phase structure of pure SU(2) LGT at 
finite temperature in the adjoint representation modified 
by a SO(3) invariant Z_2 monopole chemical potential. 
The decoupling of a finite temperature phase transition 
from the unphysical zero temperature bulk phase transitions 
is obtained and analyzed with special emphasis on the 
continuum limit, keeping an eye on its physical meaning 
and on universality. An effective symmetry breaking 
mechanism and a corresponding order parameter are proposed 
in the context of the monopole picture of confinement. 
Numerical results are presented for the Abelian projected 
theory after maximally Abelian gauge fixing.