"Nanoparticulate/polymeric layers for molecular electronics"

Relatore: Victor Erokhin
Polo Nazionale di Bioelettronica, Genova

Aula Newton
11 Marzo 2002 - Ore 15.00


Two aspects of the research will be discussed, namely, formation and properties
of aggregated nanoparticle arrays and polymer based structures for electronic
elements realization.
Nanoparticles formed in LB precursors  opened new possibiltities when the
aggregation of these particles into ultrathin layers by selective removal
of the organic precursor was demonstrated. SEM studies show complex
heterostructures formed by this method. The resolution of the technique
and variety of the properties of the formed layers allow to consider the
suggested technique as promising alternative to the existing molecular beam
epitaxy. The technique was shown to be very useful for formation of fine
inorganic (or composite polymer-inorganic) homo- and heterostructures at nm
resolution with large variety of electrical and optical properties.
The first step towards polymer based electronics is the fabrication of the
components, necessary for the circuit design, such as  wire/resistor,
capacitor, diode and transistor. We shall discuss the fabrication and
testing of the elements mentioned above using the simplest and cheapest
fabrication techniques, f.i. Schottky type diodes, produced with asymmetric
contacts of gold and indium evaporated on polymer layers. In the case of
transistors (FETs), the channel polymer layer was deposited onto the gate
electrode and source and drain electrodes were formed onto it. The
combination of the elements in simple electric circuits was also realized. 
Finally we shall discuss the perspectives of this research for highly
innovative developments in the field of nanoelectronics.