"Magnetic phase transitions in layered intermetallic compounds RMn2Ge2"

Relatore: Dr. Andrey Sidorenko

Aula Maxwell
19 Giugno 2002 - Ore 17.00


The spontaneous and field-induced magnetic phase transitions in the
ternary intermetallic compounds RMn2Ge2 (R is a rare earth) are
discussed. Magnetic and related properties of the ternary intermetallic
compounds RMn2Ge2  are of great interest in view of the effects arising
from coexistence of the 3d itinerant (manganese) and 4f localized
(rare-earth) magnetic subsystems. The layer structure reflecting in
high sensitivity of exchange parameters to the lattice spacing, the
antiferromagnetic exchange coupling in the Mn-subsystem in the case of
heavy rare earths and pronounced crystal-field effects in the
R-subsystem result in their complicated magnetic phase diagrams.