"The Free Energy of (hot) QCD"

Relatore: Dr York Schroder
M.I.T. - Boston (USA)

Sala Feynman
16 Luglio 2002 - Ore 15.30


The strict coupling constant expansion for the free energy 
of hot QCD plasma shows bad convergence at all reasonable 
temperatures, and does not agree well with its 4d lattice 
We show a strategy how to resum the dominant long-distance 
effects by using a 3d effective field theory, and determine 
their magnitude by simple lattice Monte Carlo simulations.
To implement it, we analytically analyse the four-loop 
logarithmic contributions to the vacuum energy of the 
three-dimensional SU(N_c) + adjoint Higgs theory, in its 
symmetric phase, showing that their contribution could 
extend the applicability of the resummed coupling 
constant series down to surprisingly low temperatures.