This is the Archive of the Global Superbolide Network. It contains all available data about superbolides, that is meteors brighter than -17 magnitude(*). Superbolides roughly corresponds to cosmic bodies with dimensions of some metres and more. They are small asteroids or comets exploding in the Earth's atmosphere.

The purpose of the Global Superbolide Network Archive is to share data among scientists and researchers, in order to understand these phenomena (today still largely unknown). You can freely download data available here and if you wish to acknowledge us in a publication, please use a phrase such as:

"This research has made use of Global Superbolide Network Archive, hosted by Spaceguard Central Node."

Thank you very much.

The GSNA Team

List of available superbolides:

CZ19590407 (Pribram)
CZ19741204 (Sumava)
CZ19910507 (Benesov)
DE19710117 (Wurzburg)
DE19770601 (Freising)
IT19930119 (Lugo)
US19720810 (Daylight Earth grazing bolide)

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Associations for observations of superbolides

Warning! Archive still under construction.

We acknowledge the support of the Spaceguard Foundation, hosting the Archive.

(*) For a review see Z. Ceplecha et al., Superbolides. In: Meteoroids 98, Eds. W.J. Baggaley and V. Porubcan, Astronomical Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences (1999), p. 37-54.
Last update: 13/10/2000