curriculum vitae

Bob Co´sson was born in val Pelis (Ousitanio) in 1943. He studied at the Ginnasio "Machiavelli" (with N.Bichi), at the Liceo "Dante" (in particular history of art with M.Tosi) in Firenze where he got the Diploma di Maturita` Classica in 1961. He studied physics at the Universita` di Firenze (Dept. of physics) , (in particular general physics with M.Mand˛, algebra with R. Magari and particle physics with C.Chiuderi, and worked also a few months as a secondary school teacher and as a lorry driver) and got the Laurea in Fisica in 1966, with a thesis on laser technology in collaboration with R.Pratesi, P.Burlamacchi, G.Redaelli and G.Toraldo. In 1967 he went to a voluntary workcamp at San Cristobal Ecatepec de Morelos , in the surroundings of Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico); then in 1968-69 he was lecturer at the Institut Polytechnique de Conakry (Guinea), where he taught physics laboratory and general physics, and worked on village energy resources and applied physics curriculum development with L.Behanzin; in 1969-70 he was in Kpekedu (Guinea) on a programme to develop physics laboratory teaching in guinean upper secondary schools. From 1971 to 1977 he was employed at the Universita` di Lecce (Italia) (Dept. of physics) , where he taught physics laboratory and electromagnetic waves, and did research on high voltage technology and high current electron beams with G.Brautti. From 1977 he has been mainly at the University of Parma (Italia), teaching physics laboratory and general physics. He has also done research on synchrotron radiation at CERN in 1981 with A. Hofmann (it was the first observation of synchr. rad. from protons), and at Stanford in 1986 with H. Winick (and spent shorter periods also at ESRF Grenoble, LURE Orsay, BINP Novosibirsk, NRLS Hefei, KEK Tsukuba and IMS Hanoi). He participated in the project of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) .
Has been in the Editorial Board of the journal Industrial Metrology. He is qualified as Expert in Radiation Protection.
His research interests have been on the properties of synchrotron radiation sources, synchrotron radiation from protons, particle beam monitoring, free electron lasers, optical coherence theory, laser technology, propagation of waves in periodic structures, fibre optic components , physics teaching,    ... (for a list of papers see )
Present research projects include the study and use of spatial coherence properties of synchrotron radiation, applications of white light interferometry to measurements and communications, teaching of statistical optics, renewable energy in mountain villages, microcavity lasers,  computer programs in Scilab, etc ,
Languages spoken: French, Italian,English, Spanish,  和一点儿汉语
Computer languages used: Matlab, Scilab, Maple. WXMaxima
Hobbies: Photography, Trekking and Mountaneering, cross-country Ski, Baroque Music, Horticulture, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Diabetology. (for some of these subjects see the links page).

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